Future-proofing the public sector through digital and innovation skills training

  • The problem: Technological developments and ways of working — such as artificial intelligence, big data, remote collaboration and agile methodologies — are changing the world as we know it and public servants are at risk of falling behind.
  • Why it matters: Innovation and digital skills are fast becoming essential in a technology-driven world.
  • The solution: Government-wide skills training to prepare the workforce for a technology-driven 21st century.

A hybrid approach

The Academy follows the best practice of hybrid learning by including both a physical Berlin campus in the lively Kreuzberg neighbourhood and an online platform that offers courses, webinars, lectures, training and coaching. These mixed methods are intended to maximise accessibility and scalability for learning to enable a whole-of-government approach. While “Digital Journey” are week-long learning opportunities for the most senior leadership, other offerings are designed to be highly scalable and reach the entire public sector through the use of new technologies. The Academy promotes varied continuing education opportunities, including courses and coaching offline and online through video-based education, self-directed learning and self-assessments that are highly scalable and available for free across both the federal and state public sectors.

Enabling a culture change

Flexible learning



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